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Man, oh man….Venice is a beautiful and unusual city. Once you get a street map from your hotel, you can’t get lost. The streets are narrow and wind around but easy to follow and you never know what kind of little boutique you’ll come across…like a cat store—anything you’ve ever desired in a feline motif.

The canals are plentiful and picturesque and the bridges are just plain cute. A sunset ride on a gondola is a must. I so wished I knew someone in Venice to have the opportunity to peek inside the homes. I love learning how other parts of the world decorate their homes.

Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square was very cool. One interesting thing I learned is that at the opposite end of the piazza from St. Mark’s Basilica is a post office. As you’re walking toward, it, you’ll find some very nice souvenir shops on the right as well is a little bistro that has wonder hot chocolate. It is definitely worth a stop.

Venice is one city that you can easily walk in a day…and it’s so much fun. Start at Saint Mark’s Square and follow a circular path. It’s a lot of fun. Look for Piazza Marco Polo as you walk. There is a great little restaurant, the Cico Bar, with a delightful outdoor seating area. You’ll end up back at the Grand Canal.

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