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U.S. Capitol

I had no idea our nation’s capital is the sexy lady it is. From the beautiful flowers lining the streets, the array of restaurants and cafes, and the national buildings, monuments, and museums, the city is spectacular. No doubt about it, Wshington, DC is one happening place.

For me, the U.S. Capitol Building, along with the White House, symbolize our nation’s seat of government. My tour of the Capitol Building began at a modern visitor’s center then wove its way through the basement to the Rotunda. While climbing up marble steps to the Rotunda, an idea slapped me on the head. As I rounded the landing, and faced two flights of stairs ahead of me, I immediately imagined a young woman’s body tumbling down the stairs and hitting the landing with a dull thud, blood spewing from her head and soaking her long blond hair. By the end of the day, I had created characters and the basis for a plot. This is the inspiration for The Good Murder, book two in my Houston Cullen Series.

Standing in the Rotunda, I understood why politicians fight so hard to keep their jobs in Washington. It’s as though there is something in the air they breathe that gives them a high that they don’t want to lose. Of course, IMHO some folks don’t deserve to call the US Capitol home and should lose their privilege. Just sayin’.

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Remember watching a newly elected US President take the oath of office on televsion? This is where it happens, the westside of the Capitol. Awfully impressive in person.
The White House is also impressive. this is a view from the south lawn. The day I visited, this was the best view I could get. It is very close to the national tree that is decorated every year for Christmas.

I saw many security personnel, with dogs, checking vehicles entering the property and keeping the touists from vaulting over the fence.

Sure wish I could have gone inside, but shucks, I didn't have an invitation.

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