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The Smithsonian Museums
Bon Appetit! Julia Child’s kitchen is located doiwnstairs at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. It’s a fabulous exhibit and very inspirational if you like to cook. This is what well-endowed kitchens looked like in 1961. I will vouch that it was much better stocked than my mother's.

Can you imagine all the tasty dishes she made here? One thing I most loved about her was her straightforwardness. She had no trouble calling a fish a fish. And, I love her motto: “Above all, have a good time!”

To learn more about Julia's kitchen, click here
Laura Bush wore this red dress to President Bush’s 2005 inauguration. The waist is so small and she looked wonderful in this dress. I remember watching her on televsion the night of the parties.

The dress is located in another incredible exhibit at the American History Museum, the First Ladies Exhibit. I had expected a dress from each first lady but the space was too limited. I think that might have been expanded since 2009. I also liked the portrait of Jackie Kennedy, another beautiful and smart first lady.

It's interesting to contrast dresses from the 1800's to today. One thing that hasn't changed...First Ladies like to dress up and they aren't afraid of putting on the glam.

to learn more about the First Ladies Exhibit, click here