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Honolulu, Hawaii

Beautiful simply falls off the tongue when describing Hawaii. It really is a cool place to visit. This is the last picture I took of Waikiki Beach before heading to the airport for an evening flight back to Houston.

The USS Arizona is the final resting place for many of the ship's 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives on December 7, 1941...a "date that will live in infamy" per President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The attack at Pearl Harbor ushered the United States into World War II with Japan and Germany.

The national monument is 184 feet long and covers the mid-section of the sunken battleship -- the entry room; the assembly room, a central area designed for ceremonies and general observation; and the shrine room, where the names of those killed on the Arizona are engraved on the marble wall.

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This Indian Banyan tree was planted in 1904 and stands in the Moana Hotel Surfrider's courtyard. It now stands 75 feet high and spans 150 feet across the courtyard.

How many trees are tourist attractions?

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the background.

Nice sand!