Mystery ~ Romance ~ Adventure
Chapter One
Tuesday, January 20
“Mr. President . . . you make me so fucking hot. I’m about to explode.”
“Go for the gold, sweetheart.” Daniel Gardner, forty-fifth President of the United States, glanced at his Rolex. He’d be late if he didn’t get this evening meeting wrapped up real quick. He grabbed the ass of his senior advisor with a hand on each cheek and squeezed as she rode him. “Come on, baby girl, bring daddy home.”
They rocked and rolled until Danny finished the job in his usual triumphant style. He pushed her away and she jumped off the bed.
“We don’t have much time and I don't want to be late,” she said, clutching a wrinkled sheet to her chest.
“Get dressed and get out of here.” Naked, he swung his legs over the side of the bed. She straddled him and pushed her generous breasts against his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck. He pinched each nipple, hard. She gasped and pulled back.
“Jesus, Danny, you don’t have to manhandle me.” She slapped at his hands and slid back from his lap, standing upright as a giggle escaped. After grabbing her clothes from the floor, she slipped them on while he watched. She sashayed to the door and looked back at him over her shoulder. “See you at the speech.” Blowing him a kiss, she winked and quietly let herself out of the room.
Danny strolled to the small closet and pulled out a white terrycloth robe. He donned it and casually walked out the door. His security detail would take care of the soiled clothing and clean the small bedroom tucked into a third-floor corner of the White House. Damn, he loved having good help around.
He walked down the center hall without noticing his surroundings. His wife would no doubt be on his ass for being a few minutes late. He didn’t give a shit. His world and the White House revolved according to his schedule. He whistled as he trudged down the stairs to the second floor. He slipped into the dressing room adjacent to their bedroom to avoid Rosie and her bitching about his tardiness.
He headed straight to the shower, tossing the robe on the floor. He nodded in approval at the reflection of his rocking fifty-year-old body in the long mirror.
After a quick shit, shower, and shave he exited the presidential bedroom dressed to his usual perfection. He entered the family living room, also known as the West Sitting Hall, and found the full crew huddled around a widescreen television.
“Someone pour me a drink.” Five sets of eyes turned their gaze toward Danny.
“Daniel, where have you been?” His eternally nosy mother, Elizabeth Gardner, rose from the sectional sofa and strolled to the bar along the opposite wall.
“I was getting dressed.” Rosie hurried to him and kissed his cheek, then fiddled with his tie. He gently brushed her hands away. “It’s fine.”
“Of course.” His wife looked at him with the same gentle understanding she’d had for the last twenty years. She nodded then returned to her place on the sofa.
“What are you guys doing?” Danny accepted a drink from his mother.
“Gee, Dad, this is awesome,” Jake said. “Fox News is doing a summary of your first three years in office. It’s not very nice.”
“Maybe you should drive them out of business. You know, have the feds shut ‘em down.” Drake grinned like he’d made a joke. He and Jake were sixteen, good-looking, and identical twins, the only children of Danny and Rosie. They loved living in the White House with all the perks and benefits of being kids of the president.
Danny sipped his scotch and glared at the television. “Those people are assholes but I can’t shut down a whole network. They don’t do anything illegal.”
Elizabeth stood next to him. “Maybe they should be found doing something unlawful.” She lifted her eyebrows. “If you get my drift.”
“Mother, don’t be ridiculous.” The same thought had crossed his mind a hundred times. Fox was the one news outlet that didn’t kowtow to the liberal Democrats and just reported the news. He hated them.
“Mr. President, I think we need to get on the road.” Emmett Garrett, Danny’s chief of staff and long time friend, stood and walked around the sofa. “There are several people you need to see before the address.”
Danny nodded and drained his glass. “Come on, Rosie, let’s get a shake on.” He turned to his sons lounging on the sofa. “You two watch my speech. You might learn something.”
“Sure, Dad,” the twins said in unison. He knew they’d be on their smartphones the minute the door closed.
Elizabeth rubbed his back then gave him a one-armed hug. “Knock ‘em dead, kiddo. And, don’t be nervous. This isn’t your first State of the Union.”
Danny rolled his eyes. “Thanks for the update, Mother.” He pulled away from her and headed for the door. Might as well get this damned thing over with. He had a couple of college basketball games being DVR’d during his address. Giving speeches was so easy for him that he barely had a twinge of nervousness. Of course, the one thing he did enjoy was the adulation and worship from his fellow Democrats. The jackass Republicans could hardly contain their distaste for him. He loved it.