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Release Day
Posted on June 4th, 2012

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot


This is a special day for me. It’s the day I officially become a published author.  To call that  a milestone is an understatement. Becoming an author is a goal I’ve had since 8th grade. It’s a familiar story for writers of all genres yet I hear it often from fellow romance writers. The moral of the story:  Never Give Up On Your Dream.


And, you know what? It doesn’t matter the specifics of your dream. Bottom line — Do not give up. Sure, you may need to adjust the particulars such as an eBook publisher versus traditional publisher or a local TV station versus a New York network for that anchor job you strive for. Whatever. Just do it.


I truly believe that if you stay focused on the gist of your goal you will succeed. You never know where an open door will lead. Right?


In my case, the eBook publisher, Crimson Romance, who bought my first book, beats the hell out of a traditional publisher. Check out their website at www.crimsonromance.com and you will understand why I say that. Get it? I adjusted the particulars of my dream to publish a romance novel and ended up with a fabulous publisher!

Okay, back to Release Day. Holy moly, this is way cool!! The blurb for IN HOT PURSUIT is on my Home page so I won’t repeat it. Look at the background of the cover. That is the Roman Coliseum at night — just what I had envisioned for the cover. This is a picture I took in 2009 during a vacation to Italy. Awesome! The cover is the real deal.


Okay, back to real life and doing my day job at a FEMA conference on emergency planning in Maryland. Party for me!!

PS:  A good friend, Ellen Watkins, will be guest blogging every Wednesday about living with multiple cats. It’s funny and sweet. The first blog of The Cat Chronicles is this Wednesday, June 6th — check it out!

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Tanya Wolfe - June 13th, 2012 at 7:11 AM
Good day, Karen,

Congratulations on your contract with Crimson. I've recently signed with Jennifer and am slated tenatively for a September release. Your website is beautiful, very professional yet warm. I couldn't get the contact form to go through, however. I hope all is going well and I can't wait to read In Hot Pursuit!

--R.T. Wolfe
karen - June 13th, 2012 at 1:37 PM

Thanks for the comment. I justed tested the contact form and had no problem...please try again. And, welcome to the Ladies in Red!
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