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Electronic Withdrawal
Posted on April 1st, 2012

A week ago today, I left my house at 6:06 a.m. to drive to Houston's Bush Airport for a flight to Orlando and a financial conference for my day job. At 6:46 a.m. I almost slammed on the brakes (not smart on a freeway) as I realized I had left my very cute red totebag at home. Yes, that totebag...the one with my laptop, my Kindle, and my iPod. OMG. Then I remembered I had my BlackBerry. I stole a glance to the passenger seat...yes, my purse was there. Whew! It wasn't the end of the world for the next four days without my electronic gadgets.

I have officially crowned myself the Princess of Electronic Addiction. Yes, only a princess as I'm sure there is a suitable Queen out there somewhere. This episode got me thinking about the tools I use today for my writing versus thirty years ago. A keyboard and a typewriter have basically the same keys. So if you learned how to type in high school then you're in good-to-go using a computer.

One thing is still true for me...I can't write out a school paper or a scene, word for word in long hand before I type it. In college, I made bullet points on paper then composed sentences at the typewriter. Of course, typo's were handled with erasable paper and little white paper things where you retyped the error and it disappeared. Computers are much easier to deal with for composing and for correcting errors.

Once I landed in Orlando, I went to Downtown Disney for a pad of paper and a cool pen. An office supply store it is not. The picture is what I bought for both and I threw in Woody from Toy Story for grins. The pen is a bit on the frilly side but a nice momento for my trip to the Land of Mickey.

I did fine without my laptop, etc. but I will admit I don't want to repeat it. I write nearly everyday and not doing it put me off schedule. I doubt I'll forget my totebag again when leaving on a trip. Here's a whoo-hah for electronic gadgets and toys!!


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