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Posted on September 15th, 2011

A goal without a plan is a wish. – Anonymous

I’m still working on my synopsis and wish that it would magically appear in my brain and the tips of my fingers so I could transfer it to a document. But oh, no, it’s stuck in never space and refuses to come home. I guess it’s the case of thinking too hard about one thing. Like when I was a kid and couldn’t think about anything other than Christmas morning the first twenty-four days of December. Back in those days, time crept along at the pace of thick sweet molasses pouring out of a fruit jar. Now time churns like the speed of Twitter after a hurricane in the Gulf or a GOP debate…warp speed.

I’ve convinced myself…think long and hard about the plot for The Dubious Investigator. Well, shucks, at least I have the title. It’s not easy for a non-plotter type writer to envision the story sixty or eighty thousand words down the road. Okay, I’ll do what I heard a West Houston RWA chapter member say recently…make it up. I can do that. It’s called creativity.

I’m off to make up that plot…and the synopsis will flow like a waterfall…beautiful and determined.

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